Dear Nemo

Welcome to BigWin

An open-source no-loss lottery playground
combining DeFi and NFT

Big whales grow from Nemos

Join the OceanPark

Features and Vision

What are the highlights?

  • No Loss

    No Loss

    Win big in prize pool. The tickets will never expire.

  • Be A Whale

    Be A Whale

    Once deposit, Nemo is eligible to turn into a Whale.

  • Never Lose

    Never Lose

    Stay in the pools, get BWIN tokens as reward all the time!

  • Co-Building


    Have fun and building BigWin OceanPark with DeFi enthusiasts.


What's so funny about the OceanPark?

Free Taste Area

BWIN Airdrop.

08/07/2021 - 20/07/2021

Entrance Hall

Participate in the pool and be the big whale.

05/2021Entrance Hall

Elementary Hall

Participate in the pool and get your special NFT.

Q3/2021Elementary Hall

Intermediate Hall

Participate in the NFT pool and get extra revenues.

Q4/2021Intermediate Hall

Advanced Hall

Create your own pools and invite your friends.

2022Advanced Hall


Who build the OceanPark?

A Web3.0 Community-driven OceanPark
  • Builder


    We are a DeFi team, which consists of developers, Internet operation enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, scholars and enterprise experts. Our core team of 5 members has cooperated for 7 - 8 years in different types of projects, such as financial technology, e-commerce, mobile applications, big data, blockchain, etc.

  • Co-Builder Nemo

    Co-Builder Nemo

    We would like to bring more people into the DeFi world with the help of DeFi enthusiasts, conveying the DeFi spirit of open-source, transparency, and openness to a larger group of people.


As a Nemo, what can you get?


BWIN Token

BigWin OceanPark automatically distributes the BWIN
token to anyone who deposits into the pool.

Deposit to get BWIN tokens >>
10M total BWIN tokens
Buy on PancakeSwap

BigWin OceanPark provides early players the highest APRs. Because the protocol provides 50% of the total supply into our mining contracts, decreases by every 6 months, and the release is expected to complete in four years.


Audit by

In progress

  • OpenZeppelin
  • PeckShield